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I Stand up to bullies

“I Stand Up to Bullies,” illustrates the story of a little girl named Mya in an elementary school setting. Our main character, Mya, finds herself in the midst of a big problem and it is not learning or education related! Her problem is centered around the BIG BAD world of BULLIES and unfortunately, like many other children, Mya finds herself on the receiving end of the situation! Bullies are one of the leading causes of why children and young adults experience overall changes in behavioral patterns in schools. Children often lose interest in school, lose the ability to develop important social skills, and begin to develop low self-esteem. Most importantly, the underlying issues of bullying can lead to suicidal thoughts and leads to children suffering from depression for many years after the bullying has stopped. Mya recognizes how the bully named Samuel is saying mean words to her and she is struggling with how it makes her feel. She has determined she doesn't like it and she knows she wants him to stop. The story details how Mya gains the strength to stand up for herself by reciting positive words daily to rebuild her self-esteem. As a result, Mya gains the strength to overcome and conquer her bully through her constant positivity and the daily reinforcement of her very own self-power. Today bullies are everywhere and it's important to recognize and understand if and when children are being bullied. It's also equally important to help the child feel comfortable in identifying exactly who the bully is. Bullying is the action of repeated physical, verbal, and psychological aggressive behavior by a group or an individual towards another person who is less powerful. Each student has the right to be happy and free of bullies and others whose intentions are to harm. Children must know and believe they have the right to stand up for themselves. Conquering your bully is for everyone! All children are different and not one is the same. Children come in all colors, shapes, and forms and they should all be confident in using their creative minds to stimulate growth and excellence as they develop and learn.



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